The Klippyo Review and Bonus 2019

The klippyo review and bonus

Are you spending a lot of time to create professional videos?

Yes, RIGHT!!

Then, you’re at the right place to get more about this video editing software.

Have you heard about Klippyo?

If not then, here is my klippyo review with fantastic bonus offers.

So what exactly is it?

The fastest, smartest, and easiest method to create highly engaging video content in your fingertips now!!

Introduction to Klippyo Review

Joey Xoto and Derral Even from Viddyoze developed a new tool called Klippyo. It is a video editing software which helps us to create professional videos within minutes. We can shoot, edit, or make stunning videos by using its powerful tools. With the help of this video editing app we’ll get All-in-one, professional videos in minutes.

Product:The Klippyo
Vendor: Joey Xoto
Front-End Price: $97
Recommended:Yes, Highly Recommended

What’s Klippyo Application?


Klippyo – The Video creator you ever need.. ONE App with Many Usage

Klippyo is an Awesome app, the creating mastermind behind of this amazing video editing software is the team team Viddyoze who’ve worked with top brands like Sony, Tesla, Pepsico, Philips, Vodaphone, and DHL. Viddyoze (the leading automated 3D animation platform in online) alongside with fully endorsed by video marketing celebrity, YouTuber Derral Even (One billion+ views & more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers).

When you go through this Klippyo review, you’ll clearly understand why this app is best among the rest.

Video Memes –

klippyo meme

One of the trendy and most popular methods to gain people attention gaining method is to create memes, especially video memes. It has been proven that video memes generate more clicks, conversion, and engagement in any media. Through the help of Klippyo, we can quickly create video memes in a second just by one tap.

Additional Features (Emojis, Text, Quotes, etc) –

Who doesn’t like to modify their videos? To make it eye catchy, we always try to add extra features in our videos. Like; emojis, text drawings and sometimes even we add the most famous quotes in it. This Klippyo video editing software allows us to add these features in our video, merely tapping a few buttons. There is no additional software need to do this work. One app for all…

Animated Intros & Qutros –

Want to add more features like funky music, text call at the start of your video or wanted to show all of your social media links at the end of your video?

klippyo addmedia

Don’t worry!! Klippyo has that features too...

You can add more customizable intro and outros in your videos in a tap of few buttons. Also, by the use of Viddyoze integration, we can connect directly with Klippyo on a web browser and can instantly add/import our videos to Klippyo creation.

Square or Rectangular Video –

Looking at profitability and click performance, vertical and square videos get more attention and most share. But creating such videos manually is a time consuming and problematic one.

Not anymore..

klippyo review

Klippyo eliminated these problems in a second. It’s all in your fingertip now!!

  • Automatic Captions – It has been proven that the title/caption of a particular video plays a significant role in engagement and retention rates. Adding suitable captions for a video may take time in few cases. Don’t worry, now!! Klippyo provides an extra feature which allows us to get an automatic caption for our video in minutes. Also, we can upload our on choice caption file too.
  • Quick Publish – After the creation of the video it’s time to publish. This video editing software makes it easy for us. We need to click on the PUBLISH button after selecting a particular social network where we want to post. Sounds great RIGHT!! Klippyos main feature is that we can share our videos to any social network on our desire in any ratio or at any resolution which we want.
  • No Video No Problem – We all knows that the team behind Klippyo is Viddyoze developers. So this latest video editing software fully integrated with Viddyoze Stock. Which means it allows it’s users to access thousands of demo video clips to create your videos in minutes.

You need not worry about the shooting anything your own. You can select the appropriate professional videos from the vast collections of Viddyoze stock library; You need to customize in your style. When the video is ready, you can directly publish on any network you desire to. The following klippyo review will be definitely help you to know more about this cloud based video editing app.

How Klippyo Works?

When comparing with other video editing apps, Klippyo is an easy use App. Despite the fact that you have absolutely no experience in video clip editing. Within no time you’ll find out the essentials in the video editing process and expert in it.

Klippyo Inside View

The good idea regarding Klippyo is that every one of the functions, as well as its user interface, is so automatic. You have not reviewed the guidebooks, and you can attempt them all by on your own as well as grasp the software application in no time.

When you login the Klippyo application, you will undoubtedly see the straightforward user interface. As pointed out, you can incorporate the video clip with the audio impacts, message results, as well as various other things to enhance the video clip material.

Producing the video clips with Klippyo is as simple as turning your hands. There are no particular abilities required to make use of the software application and also make high-grade video clips from it.

Klippyo Reviews

While you are editing the videos, you will certainly see the “+” indication situated near the lower. You can see the details of the video clip style as well as the introductions and also outros layouts. Also, you can view the info at the lower left web page of the software application.

You will certainly continue to Evaluation web page where you will undoubtedly take the last activity before transforming your video clip. The software application will certainly ask you to create down the name of your video clip. In no time, you will positively have lots of video clips prepared to release to YouTube, Facebook, or various other websites.

Who’ll get benefits from Klippyo?

  • YouTubers
  • Affiliate marketers
  • email list builders
  • E-commerce store owners
  • Small scale business owners
  • Local video content marketers
  • Social media users (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..)

Klippyo Members Area Overview

STEP #1 (Pick, Shoot, Import)

STEP #2 (Customize)

STEP #3 (Publish)

Klippyo Pro & Cons

*** PROS

  • Super easy to understand and use.
  • High responsive and support almost all devices
  • Quality aspect ratio video output
  • Can add features like text, audio, bars, memes, and Gifs.
  • Average price
  • Export videos to multiple social networks
  • Mobile App Support

*** CONS

  • Should get UPSELL #1 to get full advantage
  • Cannot preview the Shutterstock videos length
  • Problems with vertical bars appearance (assumed it will be solved in next updates)

My Final Thoughts.

Will update soon.

The Klippyo Review and Bonus 2019

Are you spending a lot of time to create professional videos? Yes, RIGHT!! Then, you're at the right place to get more about this video editing software. H

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